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Roswell Christmas Railway Volunteer Opportunities

Help make magical Christmas memories for children of all ages. The Roswell Christmas Railway has volunteer opportunities for creating light displays, set up and tear down of the attraction, and helping guests at the event. 

The Roswell Christmas Railway is a production of Roebuck Entertainment, LLC. While we are organized as a for-profit, our passion is to create an incredible top-notch evening of holiday cheer for the families of Roswell and surrounding areas at as low a price as possible. 

Volunteering for the Roswell Christmas Railway not only gets you in the spirit of Christmas, it makes the experience of visiting St. Nicholas Station more meaningful for thousands of children.

To volunteer, fill out the form below. 

Looking for seasonal work? See our jobs here.

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Other times you are available? Other special talents you have? Trying to get on Santa's good list? Let us know here.