Thanks Roswell for a Merry Christmas in 2016!



Over 13,000 guests visited the Roswell Christmas Railway and experienced an amazing new Christmas tradition with family and friends during the 2016 Holiday season.

Truly a community effort, over 23 businesses sponsored the event, with dozens of artists and volunteers working months to create beautiful light displays that dazzled children of all ages. In addition, 16 different performing groups danced, played and sang, spreading Christmas cheer for all. The Roswell Parks and Rec and Zoo staff played a huge role preparing the property and hosting the event. 

Thank you Roswell for an outstanding first year. We look forward to creating joy and cheer for family and friends from our community and beyond for many years to come. 

Below we have tried to recognize all those involved. Scroll down and see how many amazing folks were involved. 

Merry Christmas,

Jacob Roebuck, Producer
Roswell Christmas Railway

2016 Sponsors

Paid In Part By The City of Roswell Lodgers' Tax Fund

Journey on the Christmas Railway

Leaving Roswell Station every 15 minutes, the Roswell Christmas Railway is a magical ride through 8 spectacular light displays as your family  journeys to St. Nicholas Station. 


Laser Light Tunnel

presented by


by Nancy Fleming
Thanks to Jimi Gadzia



presented by

by Cathy Burch
Thanks to Richard Lucero, Juliana  Halvorson 
Pamela DeSilva


by Miranda Howe
Thanks to Tom Howe, Elaine Howe




presented by

by Janina Stangebye
Thanks to Faith North, Gay Vance, Jim & Joanne Suttle, Tom Finkbiner, Nancy Schumer, Dave & Amy Ashland, Steve & Diane Harris, Bill & Polly Hartman, Victor & Tanya Trujillo, Stephanie Allen, Jamie Faunus-McCarty, Michael, Billy, Micaela & Kathrine Kolker, Ginger Gwartney, Eric Stangebye, Sallyanna Stangebye, the many who have supported us prayerfully, Greatest thanks to God for sending His Son to save us from our sin - Our reason to celebrate Christmas


presented by


Roswell Fine Arts League



By Wanda Dent, Tasia Ramage
Bobby Goode, Kathy Butts




World of Light

presented by

by Theo Stangebye
Thanks to Michael Kolker, Chris Kolker
Christopher Brooks, Micaela Kolker, Sally Stangebye
Katherine Kolker, Melissa Sorg, Jesse Thyrion

Santa's New Ride

presented by


"Seasons Greetings"

presented by


St. Nicholas Station


sELFie Station

presented by

by Kelly Speckhart
Thanks to Rebekah Baughman and Bill Hartman

The Christmas Tree

presented by

Thanks to Andy Neumann,
Connie Marshall, Joy Sciffres, 
Katie Roehlk, Bill and Polly Hartman



Santa Claus Homestead

presented by



The Little Christmas Village

presented by

by Bill Hartman, Joe Huckaby, Andy Neumann, Lilah Rose, Judy King, Hawk Boardman

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 5.18.55 PM.png

The Spirit of Christmas Film

presented by


Produced by Jacob Roebuck & Boyd Barrett
thanks to Richard Rivera, Robert Mendoza, Jeff Lennon,
Keaton Hartwell, Tony Souza, Abby Roe, Elena Austin,
Lucretia England & Bill Hartman

St. Nicholas Stage

presented by